The Frankl airdrop has closed!

24 April – 24 May

We have given away Frankl tokens for free to scientists and science students. We're thrilled to have involved both experts in the blockchain space and newcomers. Watch this space for updates on takeup!

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Frankl Scientists

What is it?

At Frankl, our mission is to make open science easy and rewarding. Frankl apps integrate blockchain into the scientific workflow. Frankl tokens incentivise data sharing. We want to make sure these tokens are in the hands of people who can make good use of them. So prior to our token sale, we're distributing Frankl tokens free to scientists and science students. This is called an Airdrop! If you're eligible, please register below.

What do I need to be eligible?

  1. You must either hold a PhD, be a PhD candidate, or be enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate science student;
  2. have a valid university or institutional email address; and
  3. complete the instructions on the form below.

Interested in learning more about Frankl?


What is Frankl and how do I learn more about it?
Visit our website to find current information about what Frankl aims to achieve. You can also join our Telegram group to ask questions and talk about everything Frankl.

When will the airdrop happen and how long will it go for?
Applications open on the 24th of April and will close on the 24th of May.

What exactly is an airdrop?
This and other questions regarding the airdrop are answered in our beginner's guide.

What do I do if the link to register isn't working?
This is likely due to high traffic. Wait a minute or two and try again.

What do I do if I have a specific problem with the registration process that isn't mentioned in the FAQ?
Please go to our Telegram group or directly message @europa-io. She can help!

How many tokens are being distributed during the airdrop?
Up to 700 million tokens will be distributed during the airdrop, with a maximum number of tokens per stake.

How much $AUD are the tokens worth?
This is up for discussion! We are currently carrying out a market analysis of our token and will be sharing the analysis via livestream in the last week of April.

How many people can I refer to the registration form to get more stakes?
You may refer up to four scientists or science students to the airdrop, however a single person can earn no more than three additional stakes.

Is there going to be a token sale?
There is an upcoming token sale. 600,000,000,000 Frankl tokens will be minted. 55% of these will be available for issue in the token sale. Whitelist applications open May 2018. Presale opens June 2018. Our first token sale event opens July 2018. Our second token sale event opens Nov 2018. (Subject to change)

I have a question about/suggestion for Frankl.
Please email and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible!


1. The Telegram group is for the discussion of Frankl. Please keep the conversation on topic and be nice to each other!

2. Admin may remove posts that have been posted if they are deemed irrelevant or present as spam/scam.

3. Please refrain from using spam email addresses to increase your number of stakes.

4. Do not discriminate against others in the community.

5. We are only operating our Airdrop through this webpage, and the forms which link from it. Please take your security seriously, and don't trust direct approaches from people pretending to be associated with Frankl - always be thoughtful and careful!