Open science on the blockchain

At Frankl, we believe that open science is good science. So we're building the toolkit for the open science revolution.



Scientists don’t share

Vast amounts of valuable scientific data are collected every day. But most of that data is never shared, because it takes time and resources that researchers simply don’t have.


Costly consequences

Science faces a replication crisis.

Billions of dollars are wasted in redundant research.

Hidden data presents major opportunity cost.


Make open science easy and rewarding


Frankl apps build data sharing into the scientific workflow.


Frankl tokens incentivise data sharing.


Blockchain tracks the scientific data supply chain.

Latest stories

Frankl for cognitive assessment

Cognitive assessment in autism

One of Frankl's proposed projects is cognitive assessment in autism. All autistic people find social interactions difficult. But beyond that, there’s huge variation in cognitive abilities such as language, memory, and reasoning skills. To understand autism and help autistic individuals, scientists and clinicians need to accurately assess these abilities and share their results safely and securely. The Frankl solution involves three key components.

App platform

iPad- and Android-based apps fairly assess the true abilities of autistic children and adults.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain integration within apps allows secure, ethical data sharing in science and clinical practice.

Token economy

Apps accessed via Frankl token micropayments challenge the current model of high upfront costs for paper-based tests.

Frankl in motion


The Frankl team supports every aspect of this cycle to promote open science outcomes


Users exchange Frankl tokens (FRNKL) for faster, cheaper, more accurate cognitive assessment apps


Researchers access a growing pool of reliable, standardised data generated by app users; publish better results

Better Outcomes

Clinicians & educators map pathways to better cognitive outcomes for the individual; track their progress via Frankl apps

Enable sharing

Open science platform enables data sharing between users & engineers; accelerates app iteration

Network Growth

Frankl network grows as a wider range of apps, participants and data become available

Reduced Cost

Cost of assessment goes down; accessibility improves for users worldwide

Researchers and developers making open science a reality.

Core Team

Jon Brock
Peter Godbolt
Kyle Hengst


Prof Greg Savage, Macquarie University
Jac den Houting, Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Craig Smith, Aspect
Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson, The University of Edinburgh
Michael Hoegen, Qerix
Professor Alex Holcombe, University of Sydney
Denis Parfënov, Data Management Hub
Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research